New Feature: CapsimChat

We understand for many of our simulation users, team dynamics provide an essential framework for their students’ experience. As learning environments evolve, we are working to help our users navigate challenges and provide the experiential learning their courses rely on.

Taking Your Lesson Plans to the Next Level with CapsimGlobal

Recently, we decided to catch up with Kelly Miller, an Adjunct Professor at Stark College in Ohio who is also teaching high school students at 5 different schools, and ask her some questions regarding her experience using CapsimGlobal at the

Feedback Students can Actually Use
CapsimGlobal: Not All Feedback is Created Equal

Research shows that student development is greatly impacted by the quality of feedback they received. While it’s safe to assume that educators and the tools they utilize in their classrooms provide some type of feedback, not all feedback is good

Help When You Need it Most
CapsimGlobal: Help When It’s Needed

While it’s human nature to have questions or concerns when purchasing and using new products, it can be frustrating when the answers or solutions aren’t readily available. Capsim’s suite of experiential learning solutions is designed to be proactive about a

Less Time Investment From Instructors
CapsimGlobal: Focus on What Matters Most to You

Are you intimidated by the thought of incorporating a business simulation into your course? You’re not alone. While incorporating a new tool into your curriculum might seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. Capsim’s suite of experiential learning solutions is