Students learn more, retain more and have more fun when learning is experiential. CapsimGlobal is a self-directed, simple and powerful simulation that brings students together to experience business strategy on a global stage.

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CapsimGlobal does more so you can focus on what matters most to you.

CapsimGlobal's training module gets students up the learning curve in under 60 minutes.

Ramp-up faster

CapsimGlobal’s self-directed training module gets students up the learning curve and making smart business decisions in under 60 minutes.

Easy to implement, easy to use

An intuitive interface and streamlined user experience guides students through the entire learning experience, from decision-making to round analysis.

CapsimGlobal has an inutitive and streamlined user interface.
CapsimGlobal offers participants the option to move production to one of three countries.

A global experience

Students have the ability to choose from three countries to set up shop, each with benefits and drawbacks such as varying defect rates, tariffs, shipping costs etc.

Help when and where it’s needed most

Department consultants offer guidance throughout the simulation experience to keep students on track and making smart business decisions.

CapsimGlobal consultants provide guidance throughout the simulation experience.
The CapsimGlobal debrief tool.

Debrief smarter

Our automated debrief tool arms you and your students with the feedback needed to enhance and deepen learning

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