Develop teamwork skills
How to leverage feedback in more positive ways

  A Wall Street Journal article highlights changes in how organizations are allowing employees to provide each other with performance feedback.  Dubbed as the “new tools for airing gripes,” these tools allow more direct or in some case more immediate routes

6 Solutions to Learning Outcomes Assessment

The documentation stage of the learning outcomes assessment process is critical in demonstrating to accrediting bodies that your program or institution is meeting standards through the implementation of a systematic and operationalized process. The problem lies in the fact that

9 Common Questions Surrounding Accreditation

Every month Capsim hosts a webinar that’s part of its Accreditation and Assessment Webinar Series. The goal of this series is to provide useful information, tips and tools to help Deans and Professors with their business school’s accreditation process. Since

Capsim Announces TeamMATE – The Ultimate Interactive Team Assessment Tool

Measuring the size of a team may be easy – Amazon CEO Jeff Bezo suggests the ‘two pizza rule’, if you need more than two pizzas to feed it, the team is too big – but measuring the effectiveness of

Capsim’s TeamMATE: Evidence-Based Approach To Developing Team Competencies

Team based assignments, team activities and team presentations are integral to most business school programs for one reason: business requires graduates to be more than individual contributors; it requires graduates with management competencies such as team skills.

Self-Directed Learning Module To Improve Team Processes

In their observations of student teams working through the simulation, many professors confirm what the research into team dynamics clearly demonstrates: functional teams produce better results.