6 Solutions to Learning Outcomes Assessment

The documentation stage of the learning outcomes assessment process is critical in demonstrating to accrediting bodies that your program or institution is meeting standards through the implementation of a systematic and operationalized process. The problem lies in the fact that

Effective Feedback
8 Tips for Effective Developmental Feedback

Feedback is an important component of professional and personal development. It can reveal individual areas of strength to build upon and weakness in need of improvement. However, not all feedback is good feedback and not all can be used to

9 Common Questions Surrounding Accreditation

Every month Capsim hosts a webinar that’s part of its Accreditation and Assessment Webinar Series. The goal of this series is to provide useful information, tips and tools to help Deans and Professors with their business school’s accreditation process. Since

Evidence for Soft Skill Learning Outcomes

Capsim has re-imagined the management 360 appraisal instrument to create an online tool that delivers reliable, validated data on a wide range of soft skills that are critical to business school learning goals, but notoriously difficult to quantify for assessment