Case Study: Johnson Controls

About the Case Study See how Johnson Controls partnered with Capsim to create an award winning business acumen program for non-finance high-potential managers. Read the Case Study

When Worlds Collide Theory – A Story of Sales Enablement Meeting Business Acumen

Those of you that are Seinfeld fans may remember George Costanza’s theory of when worlds collide. The theory says when two of your worlds collide…It blows up. Those not familiar may enjoy watching this clip. In a life prior to

Case Study: Caterpillar

About the Case Study See how Caterpillar improved business acumen in high potential employees with Capsim’s Business Acumen Training Program. Read the Case Study

Video: HR Focused Business Acumen Training

About this Video Joe LiVigni explains why HR professionals need to develop their business acumen skills.

Experiential Learning Can Drive Innovation

“The future of innovation is learning how to fail,” per a 2012 article published in the Washington Post. However, is the future of innovation really learning how to fail or, rather, is it learning from that failure? The article mentions