Capsim Wins Gold and Silver in the 2020 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in Technology

Capsim, a leader in business simulation technology, won coveted Brandon Hall Group Gold and Silver for Excellence in Content Authoring Technology, Emerging Learning Technology, and Gaming or Simulation Technology.  Congrats @CapsimU! #BHGAwards — Brandon Hall Group (@BrandonHallGrp) December 10,

Capstone Simulation Prepares a DePaul University Honors Accountancy Student for Success after Graduation

For a while, all was well. Team Andrews spent hours together on Zoom bonding, sweating, and stressing over Professor LiVigni’s strategic management course. What the team failed to prepare for, however, was the dreaded emergency loan. Capstone 2.0 is an

Three Women. Three Time Zones. One Winning Microsimulation.

What’s better than sustaining relevant education in underdeveloped regions and the chance to win $5,000?  When Capsim partnered with GBSN Beyond to create a competition, we knew it would be a race to the finish from the start. We didn’t

7 Steps to Retain Your Employees
Seven Steps to Retain Your Employees (that aren’t obvious)

In 2019, U.S. businesses lost a trillion dollars to voluntary turnover. That’s right, one trillion. Employee turnover gets expensive when organizations pay up direct exit costs once an employee leaves. Companies incur additional costs to recruit and train new hires.

GBSN and Capsim Are Teaming Up to Create Culturally-Relevant Microsimulations for the Developing World

The relevancy of educational content is key to effective learning. Unfortunately, many underdeveloped and developing nations don't have access to quality learning materials. That’s why we partnered with the Global Business School Network. The nonprofit organization is already working with

Develop teamwork skills
How to leverage feedback in more positive ways

  A Wall Street Journal article highlights changes in how organizations are allowing employees to provide each other with performance feedback.  Dubbed as the “new tools for airing gripes,” these tools allow more direct or in some case more immediate routes

Thoughts on AACSB’s Associate Deans Conference

I just got back from the AACSB Associate Deans Conference and I want to share a couple things I learned. One is that Kansas City is a great place to watch a baseball game and the other is that the

The ins and outs of effective workplace delegation

Delegation is one way that office staff can bolster teamwork and improve workloads.