Solutions best suited for entry-level business courses and programs, such as Intro to Business.

Solutions best suited for intermediate business courses and programs.

Solutions best suited for courses and programs with an international focus, such as International Business.

Solutions best suited for advanced business courses, such as Strategic Management or a Capstone course.

Solutions best suited for MBA level business courses and programs.

Corporate development programs tailored to your specific learning objectives and powered by engaging and relevant business simulations.

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Simulation Technical Skills


A simple, flexible and easy-to-use business simulation to introduce students to fundamental business concepts in a fun and engaging environment.

Simulation Technical Skills


A business simulation that exposes students to the basics of business strategy while developing a holistic understanding of business principles.

Simulation Technical Skills


A self-directed, simple and powerful business simulation that brings students together to experience strategy on a global scale.

Simulation Technical Skills


A business simulation for strategy, policy, and international courses that want to explore the increased complexity of international ventures.

Simulation Technical Skills


An advanced strategy business simulation that allows participants to apply what they’ve learned across all disciplines of business in a competitive and engaging learning environment.

Assessment Soft-Skills


An easy-to-use, online tool that provides an efficient way to collect data about individual and team performance while providing developmental feedback.

Simulation Assessment Soft-Skills


A simple, experiential, and objective way to measure key soft skills employers look for in job candidates while providing actionable feedback for student development.

Assessment Soft-Skills


A multisource assessment that measures nine key managerial skills, delivers data for accreditation, and provides individual feedback needed for student development.

Assessment Technical Skills


A simulation-based competency exam that assesses students by measuring their capacity to apply what they have learned in their coursework while providing data needed for accreditation.

Assessment Technical Skills Soft-Skills

Modular Exam

A customizable assessment that can be used in one or multiple subject areas to measure student growth over time while helping institutions meet and standardize reporting needs for accreditation.

L&D Leadership

Leadership Development

The success of a business is heavily reliant on the awareness of its leaders. Capsim's leadership development series focuses on four levels of awareness: self, team, organizational, and business.

L&D Business Acumen

Business Acumen

Participants get the chance to develop critical decision-making skills that impact a company's bottom line in a safe and engaging simulated business environment.

L&D Business Acumen

Escape Rooms

Capsim Escape Rooms are not just a team-building exercise, but a chance for your employees to develop realistic business skills and deliver results back to your organization.

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